Thomas Vles

Managing Director at Dutch Startup Association

Thomas is a true, all-around entrepreneur. With his broad educational background in Psychology, Physics & Astronomy, his extensive skill set, and his social aptitude for networking and bridge-building, he has been able to effortlessly blend his passion with his purpose: creating companies, opportunities, and products that improve the everyday lives of a new generation.

In 2013, after working as a strategy consultant for Squarewise, Thomas founded Poopy Cat, a company that developed innovative (patented) cat products. After acquiring capital in that same year, he was able to expand to 18 countries. In 2017, he sold the company to the Dutch market leader in the pet trade.

His most recent venture, wedoido, is an innovative, online platform that improves the wedding planning process for couples by translating visual inputs into realtime, bookable vendor suggestions. As he did with Poopy Cat, Thomas established the team and raised the funds needed to launch wedoido. Currently, the online platform is in its validation phase in The Netherlands.

Thomas enjoys creating new ventures as well as advising and investing in startups. His unique and personal approach creates lasting relationships with both teams and stakeholders, and as a founder and entrepreneur, he is able to transfer his drive, energy, and enthusiasm to those within his sphere.

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