Jerome Wittamer

Founding Partner at Expon Capital

Jérôme is Founding Partner of Expon Capital : Investor in big ideas with the potential for positive impact & exponential growth. He has been active both as an investor and as an entrepreneur in the technology for 27 years. His latest investments include revolutionary big data company Spire Global (space constellation that will save lives, crops and billions in GDP), Catalyte, a software development company using predictive analytics to advance human potential in poor neighbourhoods and Pliops, a semiconductor company aiming to reduce the energy consumption of the world’s largest datacenters by 30% (they already account for 5% going up to 20% by 2025 if nothing is done), WeFarm, a 2 million-strong fast growing social network helping farmers thrive – so far in East Africa, and Dott, the leading european micromobility operator for cities with cleaner energy and convenience.

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